Facebook has an exceptionally large and diverse user base. Even better this enormous user base is incredibly active on the platform, with more than 2.13 monthly active Facebook users and 1.4 billion daily active users.

A chunk of these users happily use Facebook as a search engine when researching businesses in addition to or instead of Google. When some potential clients are using Facebook for research into firms and lawyers, you’ll be missing a huge opportunity to not be on the platform. This is a valuable potential first touch point you do not want to lose. Even if they find you on Google, these users will likely be partial to firms they could find on social media, especially since lawyers aren’t overwhelmingly trusted in general and social media has an air of transparency.

What we need to get started

  • Completed Agreement

  • You Must have Facebook Business Page.  We can create one for $200.00 if you don't already have one.

  • Facebook Business Page connected to Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Username and Password for your Facebook Account.

  • We DO NOT count solicitation

  • We DO NOT count duplicate calls

  • We DO NOT count calls outside your practice areas

  • We DO NOT count calls outside your geographic coverage area

  • We DO NOT count calls from individuals already represented by an attorney

  • 2 minute buffer - Calls left on an answering machine will be counted. 

We provide a personalized dashboard. You can login, approve and listen to all the calls.

We do bill for calls left on an answering machine when you don't answer the telephone and it appears to be a new client.  We spend countless hours creating and optimizing ads AND we need you to be committed to answer the phone from a potential client.

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