Being a Better Public Speaker

“Why can’t I be more like [insert name of your favorite speaker]?”

When lawyers ask this question, it usually means they’ve been on their feet in court or presenting to potential clients and it didn’t go well. They felt anxious, insecure, unsettled — far from the confidence they’d hoped to project.

Imitating your favorite speaker doesn’t really solve this problem. You spend a lot of time perfecting your imitation, and — worse — if people recognize the imitation they’ll be distracted by that, too.

Instead, work on being more like your (confident) self.

Great Speakers Are Different

Here are some responses to them from my workshops:

  • Good storytelling

  • Lots of detail

  • Funny

  • Hand gestures

  • How they move on stage

Those are accurate observations — maybe you noticed other things — but what’s most interesting is how Hobson and Tite are simultaneously really great and really different. There’s no way you’d mistake one for the other, and there’s no way you’d recommend either should be more like the other.

One thing that Hobson and Tite do have in common, along with any other speaker you admire, is confidence. There’s no question that each knows what they’re doing.

In their own way, each appears calm, confident, in control, and this makes it easy to pay attention to their message.

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