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Online dating profiles are a dime a dozen; so many little black dresses, so little time. I've written and rewritten mine, describing my shapely legs and beautiful mind, my perplexities and plenty...but honestly all that advertising is exhausting. How about we just get real? The real me. The real you. Why we're really here. What do we have to lose except our lifelong ambition to meet the person of our dreams and get off this dating site... I'll go first: I'm a curvy, green-eyed girl who loves words, poetry, art, sports, wine tasting, casinos, festivals, the "beach" and travel (which I have done extensively). I'm a study in contrasts: I'm a professional, an adoring loving mother of three, a soft feminine woman, a passionate playful lover. I have a silly sense of humor (think Bridget Jones) and a serious sense of abstraction (think conservatism). I drive slow and eat slower, prefer white over red, skirts over pants. I love hiking in the woods, cruising city sidewalks, plays, football games, dancing, "girly" things, etc. I've even been known to fish and bowl...but not at the same time. Love all types of music and appreciate musicians who put it all out there as I am not at all musically inclined!

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