Five Tips for Creatively Repurposing Your Writing

Over a decade ago, the very first law firm training program I created was focused on how lawyers and legal professionals could leverage the art of getting published to raise their profile and enhance their business development. Whenever I asked people what they did with an article once it was published, the most common answer (and I am not kidding about this) was: “I sent it to my mother.”

We would then have a fun follow-up discussion before I would provide a few practical suggestions for taking greater advantage of their efforts. For example, after publishing something, consider simply reading into your phone and recording it to share as an audio program. Or, divide it into a few blog posts, convert it into a webinar outline that you can pitch, or reduce it to a checklist. Or, more recently, I suggest transforming it into a LinkedIn article.

Most prolific content creators are very skilled at repurposing the material they spend so much time developing. This infographic will give you a few ideas on mastering that process.

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